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From a very young age my mom always taught me the importance of keeping good care of your skin, meaning having a morning and evening routine…as a pre teen this was SUPER cool to me and I absolutely loved it, so it wasn’t hard for me to jump on board with her trainings. Throughout most of my life, I have always taken good care of my skin, yes there are a couple so – so years in there but overall I’d say I did pretty good!  As my mom always says “you only get one set of skin, so you better take care of it” – so I’ve done my best to be good to it.  

As I’m getting older I realize the importance of her quote more and more.  Over the years I have tried and used many different products and to be completely honest never really paid too much attention as to what they helped or what they contained.  I – for the most part – had and still have fairly good skin.  However over the last few years I’ve really started to notice things like crows feet, dark spots and little lines where they never used to be.  Don’t get me wrong – these didn’t appear overnight and I know full well that this is apart of everyone’s journey as they age and the lines symbolize: laughter, lots of smiles and happiness but still I’d like to keep my youthful glow as long as I can. As I think into my future years I’d like to still have “good skin” and be proud of my face as it is. There is lots we can’t control in life and how our skin ages: we can’t control genetics or how each of us is naturally going to age but I truly believe some people age better then others due to a few simple factors.


After you have had a poor night’s sleep our faces tend to show this pretty quickly.  It is probably one of the most recognizable signs to others that we have had a poor sleep.   

  • Dark circles 
  • Saggy eyelids 
  • More wrinkles and fine lines
  • Paler skin 
  • More droopy corners around our mouth

It is said by the national sleep foundation: “As far as the skin is concerned, lack of sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released, which in turn encourages inflammation in the skin, causing flare-ups in conditions like acne, psoriasis, and even eczema.” (How Sleep Improves Your Skin)   

Some documented results of a poor night sleep on your skin are: 

So it makes sense to say a good night’s sleep is something that will help us keep our skin looking the best. It is something we hear about so much, sleep is critical to all aspects of our life.  Our energy, how our bodies function and our brains.  So when you are looking for a simple way to help your skin out think about your sleep patterns and how you can catch a few extra Z’s at night.

 Physical Activity


As we all know, physical activity has a lot of benefits to many aspects of our life including our sleep, stress and yes…skin.   Leslie Baumann M.D. stated thatExercise benefits the skin in many ways, including helping to alleviate acne, improve your skin tone and provide a boost of endorphins that can reduce stress and calm the entire body–skin included” (Exercise and Your Skin). 


Okay okay so we know that it helps our skin – but why?  Well remember how I said that sleep helps our skin early on?  While coming right up alongside that is exercise.  Participating in regular exercise helps us to sleep better to and in turn help us to have better skin, it is said that inadequate sleep and unhealthy sleeping patterns can negatively affect your skin’s appearance and may even lead to premature aging. 

Ever finished your workout and after your shower thought your skin looked amazing? It’s one of my favourite after effects of my workout personally.  Well this is because exercise increases circulation and the  amount of oxygen that’s delivered to your skin which create that youthful and what I like to think of as an amazing post workout glow (Exercise and Your Skin)

Daily routine in with face washing 

Having a daily routine for your skin is – in my opinion- crucial.  First off it just makes me feel so much better to have a clean face, waking up first thing in the morning and waking up my skin with a good cleansing makes me feel like a whole new woman and taking off the reminisce of the day in the evening makes my skin very happy.  If the feeling isn’t enough in itself it’s important to remember that excessive dirt build up clogs our pores and increases our risk of a breakout. 

I know sometimes it seems like a chore after a very long day to go through your evening routine but try this (a little mind trick I play with myself) next time you think “tonight i’ll just skip it and tomorrow I’ll do better”:

– Think to yourself – how many times do you say I’ll do that tomorrow and it never happens?


– How many nights do “I’ll skip it tonight and do better tomorrow” do you do in a week? How many does that add up to in a year? In a lifetime?

Usually those two questions quickly change my mindset to, I’ll do it now and continue this routine tomorrow.  Prevention baby. Stop trying to make up time that is long gone.  Focus on NOW.

Find Products That Work For You

Along with having a routine it is important to consider what you actually use on your skin.  Much like with nutrition, quality is better.  Think about it this way…if you go and grab a burger from a fast food joint, you’re getting food yes – but what else is in that burger? Do you really know? Chances are no.  If you were to make that burger at home from scratch ( yes I realize we can’t always be 100% sure where the meat came from- but you definitely know what extras you put in there) your body is much happier.  It is the same for skin, you want to put something on your face you know is made with quality ingredients, not whatever you find on the clearance rack.  I am by no means knocking brands that are inexpensive, there are many different types of skin and everyone finds different products that fit their needs.  What works for me might not work for you. We all need and look for different things. Me personally, I like to keep it fairly simple and easy to follow with not a ton of steps – cause remember, lots of nights I am dead tired and feeling laaazzzzy!  Here are some of my favourite products that I use daily:  

  1. Daily Cleanser for morning and night Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser
  2. Daily Moisturizer for morning and night Peptide Plus Moisturizer – 15% off – USA        Peptide Plus Moisturizer -15% off – CANADA 
  3. Face mask when I feel I need a little extra hydration my organic zone dead sea mud mask
  4. My fave way to drink my skincare filled with antioxidants –Elite Skincare Drink – USA         Elite Skincare Drink – CANADA


I think all my posts come back to nutrition but I believe it is a the building block to a healthier body, mind and soul.  One thing we all have in common?  We have A LOT of skin so if indeed nutrition helps our bodies it must stand true for our skin as well. Right?  Spoiler alert – it does! 

Beauty comes from the inside, this only makes sense.  If we don’t take care of our bodies than they will have a hard time keeping up.  Let’s think of plants for instance, in order to grow a beautiful veggie plant you need to nurture it.  You need to feed it lots of water and put it in nutrient dense ground to help it grow, further more in order to see if flourish and become even more dense you may choose to feed it fertilizer that has even more of the vitamins that the plant needs.  We are just like a plant, we are both living organisms that need all these key elements to survive and THRIVE.  Yes – a plant can survive of the bare minimum but it might become a little wilted, and won’t fully show its true beauty.  We as humans are the same – we can survive off just fast food and the minimum amount of vitamins and water but our bodies will indeed show it. 

In an article by the Dermat Endocrinology it  was stated that “The best prevention strategy against the harmful action of free radicals is a well regulated lifestyle (caloric restriction, body care and physical exercise for body), with low stress conditions and a balanced nutritional diet, including anti-oxidative rich food” (Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging) This holds true to our comparison of plants and ourselves.  We have to look after ourselves in all areas of our life to truly become our healthiest self. 

In the end, it’s all up to us.  Everyday we choose whether we want to go ALL in and try to make the most of our day, our body and our lives and that what sets everyone apart.  Everyone’s journey is different, everyones goals are different.  I think if you have followed along this far you realize my goal for my life is to lead the happiest, healthiest (for the most part), well rounded life.  Mentally, physically and spirtually.

I hope some of these tips spoke to you and maybe inspired you to take a more active role in your healthy skin care routine.  As always – let me know down below if any of these tips  resonated with you. 

Until next XO