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I’ve started something new! So I figure there is no better place than here to start sharing! I will be the first to admit I love to learn. I love to grow and keep growing. I think that the best things come from continuing to push yourself to the next level. So that’s why when I learned I could be part of CXL’x mini degree about growth marketing I jumped on it! I mean who wouldn’t want to be apart of such an awesome program. Time to level up my skills. The best thing about it? I am going to take you along for the ride with me! 


Marketing is ever-changing and it’s something you have to keep on top of, because what worked a year ago won’t work today and I think that is one of the biggest traps we get stuck in.  We think “we know how to market” and so we continue to do what works for us, not what is working for the world that is ever progressing.  One of the first things I learned and I was a bit taken aback by was in the first video lesson about growth marketing vs traditional marketing.  John goes on to talk about if a company wasn’t doing well many people would think…let’s just start an email campaign and drive traffic that way. Which in all honesty is what I would have thought to have done, but no. This isn’t the way we need to be thinking. Emails are great and yes an email as opposed to no email is even better but it is not the way to ultimately grow your bottom line. Growth marketing is about finding new tactics and testing your marketing.  Putting together experiments that test your consumer. Because no two consumers are the same, meaning they shouldn’t receive the same marketing.

If you can create a one-to-one marketing experience you can be incredibly powerful.

It’s not easy to be able to attack growth marketing (which is why there is so much training to it) but once you can achieve it, you can be years ahead of your competitors. You can tailor your content to your consumers, individually and they can experience that one-to-one transaction. You can understand their fears, desires and speak to them on a level you never thought possible.  You can deliver personalized messages and truly optimize everything to one individual. I mean what business doesn’t want that!? 


This is why I chose to take this course. To learn how not only to develop my marketing skills. But how to develop SMART marketing skills. 

What makes successful growth marketers? 


#1: channel level expertise: Being able to understand how the channel works and being able to give insights on it. This could be Facebook, Youtube, Email Marketing… 


** remember on this point – it is not ALL about this metric.  If you can find someone who is “hungry” to learn – you can’t teach that.  You can however teach strategies. So you want to keep that in mind. 


#2 Anaytical Capability: Being able to extract data, gather insights, being able to use and understand data and use it to make better decisions.  It is a key fundamental to growth.


#3. Strategic thinking: Coming up with good ideas, knowing how to pick the right experiments. How to prioritize your road map, how do you think about the customer journey and how do you think about working with others to make the idea come to life. 


In the end you want to be able to think about one of the three areas above and be able to dive in with it. This is your “zone”. You may not be good at everything but if you can have a baseline in the three skills above and pick one to dive into then you are GOLDEN. 


Have a hunger


One of the biggest things that stood out to me in this first week was understanding that you don’t NEED to know it all. So, you want to be a marketer? But you don’t have the experience? Don’t let that STOP you! There are so many people out there that will look past your experience and look at YOU.  Your drive. Be prepared…no, be over prepared when you are talking marketing to someone. Give them new ideas, and prove your worth. Those are the things that will stand out to someone about to hire you. Remember that hunger I talked about above? Don’t ever lose that. Because, that hunger you feel and I feel…not everyone feels that. That alone is a super power and don’t you ever let someone tell you it’s not.  There’s a reason I’m writing this post and a reason I am putting in extra hours a day to take this mini degree. It’s called hunger. It’s something you can’t teach. Harness your hunger and embrace it! 


People who focus on the principles of growth marketing in their personal lives – that is who is meant to be a growth marketer. 


In anything in life, your desire to get better and to learn is the driving factor.  To be a growth marketer you don’t have to know everything, infact you probably don’t know everything.  It is the tenacity to keep going and learning. That is your superpower.  


I think of myself, and lots of times I think I fall short. I think I don’t do the right things, but I keep getting back up and I keep trying because I KNOW that I can do it and I can get better.  That desire to keep getting better will drive you. 


This statement alone reinforces all of my decision over the past year and it pushes me once again to keep going for my dreams. Life doesn’t just end when you fail. Failure is a learning experience and it is one that drives you to get better.  That is what makes a marketer, it is what makes your best employee and it is what makes an even better human being