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There’s something about a warm house (or in my case apartment) on a cold day and cozy decorations everywhere.  Last weekend we decorated for Christmas, I’ve always grown up decorating a little closer to Christmas but this year – it just felt right. I’m all for the Christmas cheer and embracing it earlier this year felt pretty easy. 

When the feeling hits, you gotta act & I have to say – it has been pretty awesome having this space feeling like you walked into a Christmas card. 

Sunday scaries used to hit me pretty hard. Regardless of when I woke up the countdown was on till Monday and almost nothing could shake that feeling. While they still get me from time to time I have to say since starting my own business they have subsided quite a bit (thankfully).  I can’t say I still don’t get a little Monday blues here and there I think generally my level of anxiety towards the week has lessened (ask sean).


I’ve been trying to be more intentional about my time and truly enjoying what I’ve built for myself – while it isn’t anything glamorous I’m proud. I’ve taken myself from someone who lived in a constant state of stress – Saturdays were my only stress – freeish days – to creating a business that I get to build along side my favourite little pup. 

Today – while we went for our weekly outing to Walmart because, it is the only place where two people can go in at the same time…#coviddate, I suggested to Sean that we make some apps and have an afternoon of relaxation and apps for dinner. One of Sean’s favourite apps is one of my moms recipes, “Ham and Cheese Panko bites” and I can’t say I disagree with him…except for the cheesies..I’ll have to share those at a later date. 

These little bites of heaven are super easy and can be frozen to keep for when your ready to use them, although in this household they barely ever make it to the freezer. 

What you need:

Sliced Ham – we bought simple deli-sliced meat from Wal Mart – try to get the ham that is sliced in squares. 

Havarti or Swiss cheese – a fairly decent sized pack 

Panko (2 cups)

Sesame seeds (¾ cup)

Eggs (2-3)

Flour (1 cup)


Fill up 3 small bowls: 

  •  one with flour and salt and pepper 
  • One with eggs mixed up 
  • One with panko and sesame seeds 

Assemble your ham and cheese bites 

  • Place a piece of cheese in between 2 ham slices and cut into 4 

Next get these puppies ready: 

  • Dip your assembled ham and cheese slices into the flour → then egg→ then panko mixture 
  • Put them on a tinfoil or parchment paper sheet
NOTE: if you are freezing these – assemble them on the sheet and pop them into the freezer.  After leaving them for a few hours you may transfer into a freezer bag

For cooking: 

  • Melt some butter – enough to lightly drizzle on all squares 
  • Pop into the oven at 400 degrees until crispy – about 12 -15 minutes 
  • ENJOY! 

If you are a dipper like me (AKA – dips are life) then a simple dip I love with this is mayo and mustard. 

You can choose any mustard – I only had the cheap yellow mustard so I used that.  


Mix the two together until you get the consistency you like!