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3 Tips to Kickstart Your Nutrition 

1)   Kitchen Clean Out – start from scratch.  Don’t actually throw out everything but deep clean that shit! Get rid of foods that tempt you, foods you know your gunna go for when you have had a rough day.  For me that’s chips, if I have a bad day and theres a bag of chips around…you know I’m going to eat that whole bag. Then feel super bad about it later.  Set yourself up for success. 

  • Nutiriton is just as big of a part of your life as being prepared for your job or whatever is important to you, so treat it that way!

2) Listen to your body – seriously…take note of what you eat and how it makes you FEEL.  

  • You don’t have to track your food but if you are someone that can keep a little food tracker for a week or two it will benefit you huge! 
  • mindful…if you had a meal that makes you feel bloated or just dragged down…remember that or track it! 
  • Keep doing this….after a week or two you will be surprised at what you see.  Patterns will develop.

Everyones bodies are different and every body reacts to different foods in a different way so removing foods that your friends or others on social media are may not work for you and that’s OK.  What’s important here is to find out what works for you.  

3) Focus on learning how much to eat and what to put in your body   – again this will differ for everyone but the picture below is a great starting point and it is a GREAT way to start to portion your food…using your hands. Easy Peasy! 
Start by focusing on 

  1. Lean Proteins
  2. Veggies – find ones that you enjoy! Honestly you could go and find the very best “super” veggies but if you don’t enjoy them they will die in the crisper…#letsbehonest
  3. Healthy fats….avocado, olive oil, hummus 
  4. Fibre filled carbs – they have high fibre and are unprocessed or minimally processed.  

For some of you this may mean starting by swapping white bread for something more dense in fibre and nutrition…a brown loaf.  Small changes = success. 

Don’t go changing everything right away! 

4. I was only going to do 3 BUT  I think this is important – don’t restrict your self!

  • Again….Don’t restrict yourself!! You are only going to start disliking what your eating and overindulge when you get the chance, beat yourself up and fall off track.  Life is meant to be lived and guys, pizza is meant to be eaten 🙂 ( Or whatever you jam is)
  • THIS IS A JOURNEY – not a race!