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It happens to the best of us.  One day we are killing our nutrition game and working out like a boss then something happens.  For some of us that could be a friend’s BBQ that leads us into a weekend of delicious drinks and too many finger foods and for others of us it just well…sort of happens, sometimes regardless of how awesome your doing it just takes one little thing to throw you off track, sometimes for only a day and sometimes for longer.  


Let me tell you – for me, my routine is SO crucial.  It is what makes me feel my best, focusing on whole, nutritious foods and intentionally moving my body daily is what works best for me.  I thrive on routine so sometimes all it takes is a weekend away where I vear away from these two things to throw me off my game.  Come Sunday night I am left eating ALL the bad things because I know tomorrow I’m going to get back on the horse.  I wouldn’t say I binge – but something switches in my mind when I leave my routine and it leads me making sure every last craving is satisfied before I hop back on the wagon.  This is something I openly acknowledge I have to work on, but today’s blog is not about that.  When I figure that one out you know I’ll share all the tips with you guys! Today’s blog is about how I get back on track when I’ve swayed away from my routine and how you can too! 


I Make A Plan

If you guys haven’t figured this out yet – I love a good plan.  I think it should always be your starting place when trying to pursue a goal, a dream and in this case a way to get yourself back on course.  Since I have such a routine, it is very clear to me when I’ve fallen off track and I try to fix it as soon as possible. If I’ve swayed from my routine on Sunday I set my intentions for the next day. I figure out what I’m going to do to get back on track – whether that be schedule my workout for the next day or figure out what I’ll be eating the next day or both.  I make sure I have a plan of WHEN I’ll be moving and WHAT I’ll be eating to start feeling better.  


I Set Myself Up For Success

If I’ve made my plan then there are some things I need to do to make sure I follow through – something I have found that really derails me is not being prepared.  So if it’s nutrition I need to push myself to do better at, I make sure what I have in the fridge matches those expectations.  I make sure I spend the day prior getting healthy foods.  PROTIP: get yourself meal prepped – even just for the next day.  I find the day after I’ve fallen off track I really lack the motivation to cut all my veggies for my salad or prep too much for my meals, due to my poor nutrition I’m…well…lazy.  It’s easy for me to say, I’ll just eat that frozen pizza cause I have no energy to prep a healthy meal.  So making sure I have stocked my fridge and prepped my meals for that next day is crucial.  If it’s something like adding a workout in – I make sure I know what I’ll be doing and when I’ll be doing it.  Again – if I have no clue what I’m going to do it makes it all the more difficult to do it. 


Drink Water And Get A Good Sleep 

This is fairly straightforward but it’s important. Water is so important when getting back on track, it helps reduce bloating, rehydrates you, helps flush body waste and if you’re just coming off a few days off not eating/drinking the best it really helps to get you feeling a little more normal.  Starting off your day with a glass of water will help to put you in the right.  Pair your water with a good night’s sleep – by going to bed early you will wake up with more energy and ultimately you are starting to take back control when your head hits the pillow.  You are telling your body you are making a change and getting it ready for the next day.


Set Goals, Not Restrictions 

I say this with love, because I know how hard it can be switching from one mentality to the next.  Limited foods and labelling certain things as “good” and others as “bad” seems like a good idea at the moment but really it will do more damage than good.  It’s so important to remember that nutrition, fitness, wellness..whatever you would like to call it is more then just a “quick fix” it is a lifestyle. A lifelong lifestyle.  This means that if you live your life constantly labeling foods and restricting certain things you’re going to either: A) be miserable or B) live in a binge cycle.  Wellness is about balance and without balance we all go a little loopy one way or another (believe me, I’ve lived it).  


Try setting goals instead.  So let’s say you love sweets, always have and always will.  Your first thought when you want to get back on track is to eliminate sugar 100%, sugar is bad, I will not look, eat or touch sugar. That being the restriction mindset…try moving from that to: I will be on track (whole foods, low carb, whatever you desire…) all week, or 4 out of 7 days, whatever you feel good about.  Then I will treat myself to something sweet. 


Think TREAT not CHEAT…part of living is enjoying life and sometimes that means, having the cake or going out for wing night and that’s OKAY! Because what is wellness if your unhappy? Seems kinda backward right?


I Tell Myself It’s Okay…

I used to live in a place where I would hate, and I mean hate myself if I ate something “bad”, it was bad…  I’d hide food in napkins and had such an unhealthy relationship with the gym, it messed with my mind. So when I fall off track, sometimes..the “old me” steps back into my head.  It wants to tell me that I messed up and I’m no good.  BUT, lucky for me, I’ve done the work to understand how to combat that and I’ve grown as a person. 

 Still, when I’ve fallen off track I need to: 

  1. Understand what I’ve done 
  2. Think about the process I am going to take next 
  3. Accept it and MOVE ON

In other words, dwelling on what you can’t control is not going to help you move forward, if anything it will hold you in one spot for a lot longer.  You need to recognize that we aren’t perfect, shit happens and to get back on the bandwagon and keep living. 


It is okay to indulge, it is okay to fall off the wagon, it is okay to not be perfect 100% of the time…I mean you’d be pretty boring if you were ! 


In the end – please don’t hate me for this – it comes down to you. You can be your very best friend or your worst enemy.  There’s no magic pill to get back on track or to be healthy…the good news?  You have it in you! I know you do! 


& if you don’t believe that, I will believe in you – for you! 


I’m only an email away


Here to support you anyways I can.


Remember – Motivation Isn’t something You Wake Up With – You Make that Happen!