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Happiness….it’s something we all want, yet sometimes it’s one of the hardest things to find.  I truly believe it starts with daily habits.  Things we make time for everyday – yes everyday.  Creating a routine and adding in habits that will help you feel your best is -in my opinion-  one of the most important steps in creating healthy and happy habits. 

We all have the power to be the happiest versions of ourselves.  It takes work, and consistency but the long term effects are without a doubt worth it.   Happiness is not given to us, it has to be created and it has to be earned, every single day.  Much like  motivation doesn’t just pop up and say “hey! I’m here!”, it also takes work. The best things in life are created by ourselves and our dedication to wanting to be better.   I truly believe the happiest people in the world our those that value daily habits.  SO, without any more waiting here are my favourite:


Get Active 

I think by now you all know me and probably have guessed this one….but I firmly believe getting the blood flowing everyday helps to boost your mood.  It leads to increased endorphins and dopamine which is the feel good hormone and that in itself will raise your confidence in just a matter of minutes.  


Not everyday will you want to – but any day you do – you will not regret it.  If you can get up everyday, crush a workout, move your body and push through something you don’t want to you will start your day with: 


  1. A win already 
  2. Start to can do hard things.  You can conquer anything. 


Count Your Blessings


Start to think about all the good that is around you.  Trust me, you can find something.  Sunny day? Had a good sleep? Got to work on time? Any of those will work. It’s important that we start to create our own happiness and by finding small wins, small gratitudes we start to do just that.  There is so much noise going on around us that it is all too easy to look at someone else’s social media feed/highlight reel and assume they have the best life and ours just can’t compare.  By forcing ourselves to have find the good in our life we are setting our minds right, we are pushing past those negative thoughts and finding our own happiness.  

My favourite methods to do these things:

  1. Journal first thing in the morning – what you are grateful for 
  2. Affirmations – pick one and stick with it daily. 
  3. Appreciating the little moments – slow down and let the good sink in when it wants to. 


Limit Social Media


Naturally this has to follow the last, this one has worked really well for me. It can be hard trying to find your happiness, while others our posting only their highlights.  Keeping screen time to a time limit can stop you from tumbling down a hole of mindless scrolling and comparison.


Take Time for things You Enjoy 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day to do’s or making sure your family is taken care of.  Before you know it it’s 9pm and you’re exhausted, time to Netflix and let’s be honest…sleep.  One phrase I’ve heard from so many people so I honestly can’t say where I heard it from first is “you can’t pour from an empty cup”….meaning you can’t look after everyone and everything without looking after you.  In order to be the best version of you you have to take some time to make time for yourself.  Following your passions, maybe reading for 10 minutes a day, taking a evening walk with your thoughts…whatever it is that makes you feel good and ALIVE…do that.  

In the end, it comes down to you.  Do you want to create a life of happiness? Are you willing to invest time into yourself to grow?  If you are then I encourage you to try, try to incorporate one of these habits into your daily life and see where it gets you.  Happiness is one of the biggest blessings in life, it costs you nothing and gives you everything.  A little work on your end goes a long way.  

Get Rid of Those Who Bring You Down

You are the sum of the five people you hang around with the most. Think about that….let that marinade in your mind.  Are you hanging around with people that raise you up or bring you down?  I have A LOT to say on this topic but I think I will save that for its own post.  For now I will say – it makes a difference, I’ve hung around with those that I may have thought raised me up but in reality did not and changing just a few things – changed my whole life.

As always – if you have tried one of these habits and are loving it or have a comment or maybe a new daily habit for myself, leave a comment below! I love to learn and connect with you all!!