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Summer always has a different feel to it- those hot sunny days and evenings where you can wear nothing but a t – shirt. The air has a different smell and those sunny days seem just a little brighter. While this summer has been no exception to that, even more so with everything happening around us, this summer I think we can all agree has a new feel to it. For many of us, we have been forced to slow down and our summer trips, concerts or even big pool parties have been put on hold as we are forced to stay put and travel less. That’s why this summer is the time to look inwards and find the energy inside of that we all have but sometimes lose.

Mediate In The Morning

One of the best things about summer is the days are longer, meaning, the sun rises earlier and you can too. Why not get up 15 minutes earlier for some time to just be with yourself. Find your favourite little spot in your house or maybe curled up in front of a window to catch the beautiful sunrise…pick somewhere you love and somewhere that feels comforting to you. In my opinion meditation is a time to be with yourself and focus inwards.

Meditation has become a bit of a buzz word lately with a lot of hype around it and people tend to get too wrapped up in the questions of: Do I have to spend 30 minutes focusing on breathing? What do I think about? Where am I supposed to sit? Instead of focusing on what you should be doing, focus on what feels right. For some people that may mean sitting quietly with their thoughts, for others it may be using a guided meditation on an app such as headspace or insight timer, there is no right or wrong. The key to remember with meditation is it’s your time. Much like everything else in life meditation looks different for everyone and that’s okay.

Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

It’s all too easy to think of ourselves first. Especially in a time like this where things are so uncertain and out of control. This is exactly why you should put others first. It’s easy to be caught up in the heat of the moment and commit to something we think sounds great but when the time comes up to do it we suddenly feel less then excited about it or maybe would rather just curl up in our comfies and stay in. It’s these times we need to stick to our commitments and honour them. Even if you think your impact on someone else is minimal chances are to them – it is not, when you commit to something or someone – stick with it. Standing true to what you say you’re going to do and following through is something that feeds our inner soul. It provides a sense of accomplishment and good doing, something we all need. You’ll always feel bad for the things you didn’t do, but you will never regret putting yourself out there and making someone’s day that much better or holding up your end of a commitment. Simply put:
You get back what you put into the universe.
Don’t expect others to treat you with respect if you don’t return the favour


Been slacking on your nutrition lately with everything going on? I get it. However summer is a great time to start amping up your nutrition. There are loads of fresh veggies around packed with all the nutrients your body needs. There are so many different things in season and at their peak of tastiness. I like to do a veggie shop at the beginning of the week and challenge myself to finish all the veggies by the following Sunday. This forces me to eat more veggies, try new meals and get creative with my cooking. Plus I feel great accomplishment when I actually finish them all! Sidenote: no it doesn’t always happen..but hey that’s life!

You don’t have to necessarily just think veggies think simple small steps to improve your nutrition like:

One day a week where you eat whole foods
Swap out one take out day for a day you cook at home
Go to a local butcher and buy one meal that is locally raised and contains less add ins
Get a local veggie box delivered to your door and eat whatever veggies are in there throughout the week. Even if that means something you don’t normally eat.

Get Outside -Vitamin D

It is summer! We have waited for this all year, through the snow, the cold, more snow and finally we can get out and enjoy it so – do that! Yes some days are hot and humid but there will never be the “perfect” time to get out and do that activity you wanted to so make the most of your summer and do something that lights you up. Raise your energy but getting outside and enjoying the season.
How completely exhausted do you feel after a day of adventures outside or a long walk to the farmers market or a day out on the lake? It’s a good exhaustion, you put 100% in that day and enjoyed your surroundings and the simple things. If I had to guess at least 80% of that day you spent without worries, just stayed in the moment.
Plus if that’s not enough Vitamin D:
Helps to boost mood
Helps to reduce disease
Helps to boost metabolism

It has to be said though – too much of a good thing is not good, remember your sun protection and use your judgment as a guide to how much sun you should be getting and what weather is best for you.


I think we all forget the importance of our own smiles. It is the most under used mood booster in my personal opinion out there. Never underestimate the power of a smile. We have been forced to slow down lately and as much as I really resisted this, I think it’s for the best. We have been, all of us, too busy, we walk around with blinders on and often forget about the simple gesture of a smile. We underappreciated it. Think about the times you have been out in public and maybe hid that smile when something happened or even worse were so inside your head you forget to give that person a smile and a nod as they passed you. We forget others are going through things too and a simple smile can brighten up others day, it’s an act that costs nothing but can give so much. The next time you’re in the grocery store line, give someone a smile, when you get to the pick up window at your drive through smile to the person giving you your food, even when you pass by a mirror, flash yourself that beautiful smile and watch your mood instantly boost.

Try one of these or all of these! These are in my opinion the best way to light your energy and your soul on fire. There is no secret pill, just you…you are the driver of your life and your happiness. I believe if you implement a few of these things into your life you will see and feel a difference.

As always…if you try some of these, let me know below! I love to hear from you all!