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To love ourself is one of the greatest gifts – yet often times it’s the one we find hardest to give to ourselves.  The importance of taking care of yourself and truly finding it within yourself to love who you are can feel confusing and sometimes pretty rough. If you are in this phase in your life right now I want you to know it is OK, you are not doing anything wrong – in fact by reading this right now you are doing something positive for yourself so congrats!  Self love takes time, practise and consistency.  It’s not something you wake up feeling and in my opinion – it’s not something you necessarily feel everyday. 

Like with many things, you have to work at it.  There are days I feel down on myself and maybe not as forgiving with myself when I make a mistake, or I see more flaws in myself then I normally would.  After spending the last few years making myself and my wellbeing a top priority it’s on these days I know I need to give myself a little more self love.  


Self love is different for everyone, it’s definitely not a blanket approach or word. Remember there is no right or wrong to how you choose to love yourself and make your mind healthier.  


I’m going to share with you some of my favourite self love practises in hopes of inspiring you to add a little more self love into your life.


It should come as no surprise that exercise is at the top of my list! I heard a quote once – “you don’t workout because you hate your body” you workout because you love your body.” How friggen true is that!? But how many times do we often start working out because we want to change our bodies?  I can say I did..but then it turned into so much more.  As the years progressed instead of having to go work out – I GET to go workout.  It’s a safe space for me to push through everything going on in my mind and conquer one thing. 

I can say confidently that 99% of the time after a workout – my brain and body are in a completely different space.  It is in a form – to me – therapy.  




I LOVE podcasts – I believe they have the power to change your life.  For me a lot of times the reasons I need a little extra love come from the thoughts in my head – there can be a lot of self doubt & not a lot of confidence at times.  When I am able to shut out the world and plug my headphones in to block out my thoughts – it brings me to a place of stillness.  This is a place where I can realize – others have felt the same too.  When I doubt myself I’m able to now step back and turn that doubt into confidence..I AM trying new things, I AM creating a life different from others, I AM NOT just walking through the motions. 

I find strength in the words of others, I find hope in the stories of those similar to mine and I find a kindness that is needed to change my mindset from that of someone who is very negative to someone that remembers – she can do it.

Focus Your Attention On Others – Instead of Yourself.  


When you start to focusing your attention to others and helping them – you are also helping yourself.  It’s easy to think the world revolves around you but the reality is there are so many people that could use just a little hand to make their day better.  Try holding the door open for someone juggling many things, send a positive note to someone you know is going through something rough.  When you focus your attention away from you and your needs your making a shift in the universe and ultimately in your mindset.  


Be Present – Take a phone Break 

This is perhaps one of my favourite ways to give my mind self love.  I personally like to: 


  1. Take a social media posting break – I know for some of you this seems a little too much or maybe for those of you in business its seems like a no – no but, hear me out.  There are 2 ways to go about this, the first one is just taking one day every week when you are not on social media – AKA no posting for the day.  The second way to do this – if you are a business and feel a post is required daily – schedule the post to go out so you don’t have to worry about it!! To not have to think about what you are posting – what you should be posting or sharing for a whole day does my mental health so much good.  
  2. TURN THE PHONE OFF – yes, you read that right! I like to pick a day or evening and turn my phone off.  I usually try to do this most evenings – but it does not always happen.  But physically turning the phone off stops you from “just checking” on anything you may have missed.  Again – my mind, loves this.  You don’t realize how much you check your phone till you just turn it off.  


Live in the moment, be in the moment, it will never come again. 


Take Time Alone With Your Thoughts 

With so much distraction it is way too easy to avoid being inside our own heads.  We can easily hide from our own feelings, worries, thoughts and even goals with all the distraction we have at our fingertips.  Take 10 minutes a day to be with you and your own brain.  Journal, meditate, visualize, use affirmations or even just a mental health check in to see how you are feeling. 

Self love isn’t easy, I’ll be the first to admit that.  However, it does become easier when you start to make a routine of it.  If you want to change your life or even live your days as best you can I highly recommend starting with yourself. Becoming the best version of you takes time and practise but the benefits will outweigh the effort ten fold! Remember guys – we only have this one life an each day we waste being upset with ourselves or not feeling good enough is a day we can’t get back.  Make yourself a priority and love on you just a little bit more! 

Till next time! XO