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Breakfast is one of my favourite meals, it’s always been that way.  Briefly I tried intermittent fasting, essentially what that looked like for me was skipping breakfast and having my first meal around noon, let me tell you – I was not a happy camper.  I’m not saying it’s no good, it’s just not good for me.  In my opinion you have to be happy with every choice you make and giving up my favourite meal, just didn’t jive with me.  Plus, breakfast is just the BOMB, shaking my head I ever tossed it aside like that! So for those of you breakfast lovers, this post is for you! 

Now that I’ve made my point and those of you reading along I’m going to assume are on the breakfast train as well I want to share my opinion and really just observations.  It seems – to me- that breakfast has become more of a grab and go or something quick rather than a planned out meal. Many breakfasts are very high in carbs and fat but are missing something very essential – protein. If you think about the standard staples that we we eat for breakfast – cereal, bagels, toast and jam – many don’t include much, if any, protein.  Protein is one of the most important macronutrients are bodies needs and eating it at breakfast has been proven to have many benefits – including reduced hunger in the evenings, help us monitor our food intake during the days, feel more satisfied and aid in weight loss.  Beneficial effects of a higher-protein breakfast on the appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals controlling energy intake regulation in overweight/obese, “breakfast-skipping,” late-adolescent girls

So today I want to share with you 5 of my favourite high protein breakfasts that I eat on the regular. 


Protein packed smoothie 

I’m a smoothie girl through and through.  I find this to be a quick meal and one you can take on the go if you’re pressed for time. 


Depending on my day – for example if I am out and about and being fairly active I will add half a banana.  Other days I choose to have it without. 

To Make:

½ cup Oat Milk – Vanilla unsweetened.  If you can find unsweetened cashew milk – get it.  It’s so good! 

½ a banana – Pro tip – cut up your banana and freeze it then add it to your smoothies.  Also – less waste. 

1-2 scoops of protein power – depending on what you are using 

¾ cup plain 0% greek yogurt 

A handful of frozen spinach 

A handful of frozen berries (optional) – again sometimes I keep it super basic.  

Overnight oatmeal with Protein

Don’t get me wrong – I love regular oatmeal as well.  In the winter, it is one of my favourite things but I like how easy this is and adding in the yogurt.  Plus, usually when I make regular oatmeal I cook it a little too long in the microwave and it is about as hot as molten lava so it takes about 30 minutes to eat.  Not idea for when you are heading out the door. 

To Make Overnight Oats: 

I like to use this simple ratio: 

1 part oats + 1 part milk + 1/8th part seeds.  

To start combine oats and chia seeds (these are optional but have a ton of nutritional benefits and give it more of a pudding texture) 

Next add 1-2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt

If you want to add sweetener you can 

Then add your oat milk, milk, almond milk or whatever you prefer and mix together till there are no clumps.  

Cover and let sit overnight.  

I like to toss in some either fresh or frozen fruit before I eat it the next day.  


Egg and Turkey Mcmuffin 

This is my weekend go to – okay, okay…I’ll also swap the turkey for bacon sometimes.  Live a little! 


But if I’m being a bit more conscious in terms of fat and what I’m putting in my body I use smoked turkey breast.  It’s just as good! 


To Make: 

Whole wheat english muffin 

2 slices of cheddar * optional 

1 slice smoked turkey breast 

1 egg 

1 tomato slice * optional

Fry your egg up, toast your english muffin combine into a sandwich and boom – ready to go! 

Cottage Cheese with Toast/fruit 

If you love cottage cheese like me – then you are set! However I feel many people are not as in love with cottage cheese as I am – I love just eating it out the container!  It is also a great way to boost your protein intake.  

I’m all about easy and this meal is just that – plus I think it tastes awesome. 

There are a few flatbread crakcer variaties that are also great to pair with cottage cheese if your looking for a bit more of a crunch.  

I’ve also added in some fresh tomatoes ontop of the crackers with the cottage cheese.  

Give it a shot!

 Greek Yogurt + berries

I’m all about simple and what feels good.  Greek yogurt has SO much protein plus I love the creamy texture.  I recently had a conversation with  a friend who told me how filling greek yogurt was and I totally agree! Greek yogurt and add in your favourite fruit and I think thats an awesome breakfast.  Plus on a hot day – it just feels right! 

Breakfast is GOOD! It’s okay to love breakfast.  Hell, it’s okay to not love breakfast.  I’m not here to judge others for their choices I’m here to share what I love and what makes me feel my best.  This is my journey of wellness and it looks different from everyone elses but if we can all share what our version of wellness looks like imagine how different the world could be.  I hope some of these recipes inspire you to add a little more protein to your morning routine and if there’s one you loved. Let me know below! 


Until next time XO